Best Finishes From UFC 258 Fighters

Опубліковано 11 лют 2021
Watch some of the most entertaining finishes from fighters competing at UFC 258: Usman vs Burns this Saturday.
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  • Saw the Bisping one and immediately started crying

  • KG ko'ing bisping was just ....ouffff moment

  • Did kiven just tape the ref on the back after knocking Bisping out.

  • It's really satisfying seeing cobly getting finished👍😁

  • 5:00 be like "WHAT NOW?" hands

  • (.Y.)


  • Gasteliuns x adesanya 2

  • When you looked like colby covington and usman mskes you look like vanderle(obviously spelled wrong) silva

  • When did Bisping get knocked out?

  • Who siad shampastyan will be the future

  • 🇲🇽 Gastélum

  • relax

  • You guys keep disrespecting mike like crazy

  • How can you celebrate/ show Bisping getting KO'd when he had 1 eye took the fight on a weeks notice and it was 21 days after he got slept by GSP.

  • I’m worried for Bisping in later life. He’s got to be a high chance of succumbing to CTE. A lot of brutal KO losses and so much damage in fights that haven’t been stopped.

  • Good job to all the refs!mad props for great work

  • gastelum beast

  • огонь

  • Thank you Kamaru Usman, big congratulations. Salute

  • Vieira representou! Parabens!!

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  • This wasn't ufc 258

  • Bisping committed lol

  • How women are gentil....

  • The government are trying to ban UFC in the UK

  • at least he got a good nite's sleep at motel 6

  • Like seeing Colby get beat😊🍻

  • USADA missed some

  • いいねー

  • Burns gets Knocked out and Burns gets Knocked the F@@@ out

  • Oi text book finish by kevin 👌

  • what`s soundtrack playing?

  • A

  • Gotta love when loud mouth Bisping gets his jaw snapped like that. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Colby wasn't t knockedout. That fight needs to be run back.

    • Did you not watch the fight? He dropped him 2-3 times in a short amount of time, and with ground and pound of that caliber, it was a good stoppage. Just sucks it was so close to the decision and I agree it needs to be run back, unmatched rivalry

  • My man at 0:26 asked "Did I win?". Really? While lying on your back looking up into the heavens?

  • That Covington stoppage was bad.

  • Snoozeman never finished Colby

  • It really sounded like Bisping was calling his own fight

  • Bisping should never fight again...

  • Love seeing that maga ass hat get his jaw broken haha 😂

  • This card is a robbery. Worst ppv in years. Definitely not watching

  • I hate colby but in alll fairness he was intelligently defending himself

  • Kelvin has some damn nukes in those fists

  • Отличная.борба.накаути.чемпиони.уфс

  • 2:32 beautiful 😍

  • 0:04 beautiful 😍

  • Even Donald Trump was happy when Colby got his jaw broken.

  • They had problems finding a finish by Usman... luckily he’d fought 2-2 vs Colby and finally got a finish. After 9 consecutive drag-out wrestling-foot stomp matches. Dec machine...

  • Demian Maia was an early stoppage. The first punch that knocked him down he had his head up ready to tie up in guard from his back. The follow up punches were just flashy and fast but they weren't very hard. Just annoying slaps, Maia could have recovered.

  • Hopefully we see Usman lose 👍

  • I would like to commend Michael Bisping for taking the fight with Gastelum in short notice... And the commentator of the fight at the same time.

  • Haaaah huuu haaaah

  • More brutal than these knockouts is how people can't differentiate Bisping from Dan Hardy commentary.

  • jesus christ did the refs even know how to do their jobs in those first 2 knockouts? so many unnecessary hits

  • For the people that want to see a good fight Izzy vs Gastelum

  • The Covington fight with Usman was stopped early imo.

  • Bad stoppage in usman covington fight say what you want but you gotta let that go either way. The title the bad blood the ppv the glory for the winner 🏆

  • Biz-ping

  • Video director surely have something against Michael Bisping, what a duce.

  • Bisping commentating on himself getting knockout. Classic.

    • @AKash Senanayake it was a joke

    • It's Dan Hardy. FFS. Hardy has a stronger accent than Bisping. It's easy to notice.

  • (.Y.)

  • Блин Гастеллум почти ушатал же этого Адесанью. Загорелый еле ноги унес с ринга

  • KG should win now...

  • Thought that ref if the second clip was Lord Mario for a second, terrible stoppage


  • Did anyone else notice Bisping was commenting on his own KO? Lol “what a power that man has” lol

  • LMAO i forgot how badly Colby got pieced up and he still complains that it was an early stoppage. Dude was done, so pathetic.

  • That slip and 1,2 by Kelvin is just so beautiful.

  • Ima be honest the stoppage in the usman Covington fight was dogshit, also usman was just punching him on the back of the head lmao


  • covington is so full of $hite


  • what kind of music is playing in the video?

  • Tbh I don't like the commentary of " *stop the fight* " guy

  • 😂😂😂😂💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 is the best kick boxing

  • Daamn, not a lot of people appreciate that last submission. High level & fuckin dangerous. Great ground game.

  • “Cuban missile crisis”

  • not the biggest usman fan but the dude just wins all the time, yet i feel like we all just kinda shit on him

  • Horrible stoppage by Goddard, colby is hurt but definitely in it, Goddard shows his dislike for him as well. Was a very close fight and in a championship fight in the last round en couple of minutes left, you don't stop it like that.

    • Colby wasn't intelligently defending himself.

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  • Usman should have been penalized for the back of the head shots.

  • If Kelvin won the 5th against Izzy he won that fight.

  • Brazilians and black Americans always hit behind the head always. Never see them get penalized.


  • Usman gonna put this burns kid in his place

    • @Chad Barrett what happened lil boy gtfoh like I said burns is trash

    • @Spida Niggi you have no idea what you're talking about, Gilbert is older than Kamaru.

    • @Chad Barrett just watch little one

    • Burns isn't a kid, he's going to beat Usman badly.

  • Bisping getting knocked out and before you know it. He's already commentating in a fight

  • Bendiciones desde Colombia

  • Vieira is a scary dude, he's like werdum but better if he takes to the ground it's over impeccable bbj

  • I think whats more sweet for Bisping is that he got his revenge from Dan Henderson it sucks to see him go out like this against a young buck but fuck it he made history though

  • say what you want about covington, but one has to admit he showed legit toughness in the usman fight

  • I love watching Covington get beat up.

  • Let's go Brian kelleher! NY is rooting for you!

  • Love these vids

  • KG knocked Bisping straight into the commentator booth

  • Did Bisping say something the UFC didn't like.

  • @pico_oro1 0:29 pico cuando comia carne el el octagono de la UFC

  • next

  • This Kelvin can beat anyone in the world but will he be this sharp again idk we'll see