Clash Royale: The Champions Have Arrived! (Official Launch Trailer!)

Опубліковано 27 жов 2021
They have arrived!


Enter the Arena with your Champion and surprise the enemy with the new Champion Abilities that can be activated in battle!

Try the Champions NOW in limited-time Challenges!
Unlock a guaranteed Champion Card at King Level 14!

See you in the Arena!

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Enter the Arena! Build your Battle Deck and outsmart the enemy in fast real-time battles. From the creators of CLASH OF CLANS comes a real-time multiplayer battle game starring your favourite Clash characters and more. Start battling against players from around the world!

Choose unique Cards to your Battle Deck and head to the Arena for Battle!
Place your Cards right and knock down the enemy King and Princesses from their Towers in a strategic and fast-paced match.

Hog Rider! Collect and upgrade 100+ Cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defences you know and love and many others. Win battles and progress to new Arenas to unlock powerful new Cards to your collection!

Battle your way to the League and Global Tournaments to match against the best players in the world.
Compete for glory and rewards!

Unlock new Seasonal items like Tower Skins, Emotes and powerful Magic Items with the Season Pass and participate in fun Challenges that put your skills to the test!

Join or form a Clan with other players to share Cards and battle in Clan Wars for BIG rewards!

See you in the Arena!

PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connection is also required.

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  • Champions, welcome to the Arena! Are you ready?

    • No

    • Sorry for this but I have another Champion on my mind and here's my whole idea about it: Storyline: In the land of Voltlantis, there's a castle that has been guarded by 12 Tesla Towers, 9 Zappies, 1 Electro Wizard, 1 Sparky and 1 Electro Giant. They're protecting their mighty king inside the castle that rules over the electricity. It's name is, Voltage Master. Voltage Master has a lot of electricity on his Zap Pack that is connected to it's hand, making each punch powerful when powered. Voltage Master Rarity: Champion Type: Troop Ability: Overcharge! Ability Description: Unleashes all power to enhance the fists and zap nearby enemies using its Zap Pack. Ability Info/Stats: Elixir Cost: 2 Cooldown: 18sec Area Damage: 210 Zap Damage: 210 Stun Duration: 0.5sec Zap Hit Speed: 0.8sec Range: 4 Targets: Air & Ground Duration: 4sec. Voltage Master Description: The king of Voltlantis is ready to dominate the arena. Using all of its electrical power, it stuns everyone else. Voltage Master Info/Stats: Elixir Cost: 5 Hitpoints: 2420 Damage: 105 Hit Speed: 1.1sec Speed: Medium Range: Melee: Medium Targets: Ground That's all Level 11 Voltage Master Stats. My concept of another Champion! Sorry this is early to do! But this will give you an idea, right?

    • Here jus cuz of maintenance

    • The golden knight is the best

    • Shush

  • The whole clash of clans village be like: WHERE'S THE QUEEN AAAAAAAAAA THE QUEENS GONE King in clash royale answering that: I dunno😐

  • Yall gotta admit the archer queen is hot

    • ??

  • Golden knight is literally he-man

  • Jijijija

  • This update made clash Royale a big comeback after the rise up of brawl Stars. It is now time for clash Royale hype.

  • I have otp problem with my original ac...😭😭😭

  • After years of training Larry has gotten so much stronger

  • I see a big knight, a invisible archer, and a badass skeleton. Pretty good.

  • Thats no skeleton king Thats L A R R Y 💀

  • Archer queen like in clash of clans you guy copy it but it dont have ability in clash royale have ability

    • nice grammar

    • They.....are made by the same people. So it's not a copy

  • best update

  • Cool

  • When rage Ebarbs players score : 0:37

  • I wonder what the letter said for Larry

  • *Where is Barb King?*

  • 0:15 ahh finally drake is officially a character in clash royale

  • 0:18 me when i get champion


    • @Holden Wills nah ledoot left skarmy if u didnt know he got removed thats why he’s back

    • The skeleton king is actually larry

  • Awesome


  • I was here for this historic moment!

  • jajajaja esta muy divertido este juego mil grasias

  • Yes

  • This is literally the start of the Clash Royale Avengers. I mean, take a look at the animation. It’s animated with the Avengers feeling to it

  • 10k comment

  • 0:23 Skeletons with jaws. Really cursed

  • Either this gonna be More overpowered than Royal giant on 2016 or it's going to be skeleton with the price of golem

    • Seems balanced enough

  • Omg Larry the skeleton has gown so Much 😊

  • That music tho

  • Hog 2.6 defing

  • Why are the musketeers rushing the golden night with their guns

  • *using 3 champions in one deck and spending more than 10 elixir to spawn them is ok*

    • u can use only 1 champion in deck

  • barbarian king when

  • 0:21 zamn Larry became skeleton king 🥶🥶

    • @Scout KZ` that's cursed Jessie from brawl stars lmaooo

    • Thats ledoot

    • Damn, where you get that foto profil?

  • 0:15 ahh finally drake is officially a character in clash royale

  • But Royale champion..

    • The one hero that is actually a "champion" and isn't introduced

  • Alternative Title:2 Barefoot Characters and A Big Larry

  • when will the movie be released i want to watch

    • Skeleton king give me vibes from one ancient god of death with a arm/sword

  • 0:22 boys on december 1st

  • 1

  • When you notice all three of them spawned and it over 10 elixir

  • The trailer is a joke, they used 3 champions in one deck lmao

  • 1,000th comment

    • تصحيح: 10k تعليقك

  • It’s like team 7

  • Comentario 10001 B).

  • 10000 comment

  • En iyi güncelleme

  • larry just had the biggest glowup

  • Jes!!!!!!!

  • Nice pay2win update now I can grind another 3 years to max a deck👌

  • 0:20

  • Skeleton king give me vibes from one ancient god of death with a arm/sword

  • Barbarian King & Grand Warden should be better instead Skeleton King & Golden Knight

    • They are gonna add more plus skeleton king is really similar to barbarian king

    • Sad part is, they actually are.

  • 0:15 ahh finally drake is officially a character in clash royale

  • when will the movie be released i want to watch

    • @Cassie ye same

    • Why dose it say uploaded 13 days ago and not a week ago? Anyone else?

  • Ultima Larry is here🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Skeleton king reminds me of Guts from Bezerk ,very cool

  • The skeleton king looks like he came from dark souls Very cool :))

  • I like How the skeleton king has a super badass armor and then at his feet he just has sandals.

  • That animation cost them a lot of effects and sounds and music I do not do that nor the best animator does not do that

  • Maybe next champion can me barbarian king

    • @Casual Titan air Grand Warden

    • @ChaosXBrigade it would still be similar with the visual concept for any new champions i would expect a goblin champion and/or a flying champion

    • @ChaosXBrigade that just SOUNDS OP

    • @Taj Khemlani nah it would be a lumber jack/Skeleton king hybrid he will probably summon 3 or 2 barbs and give himself and the barbs a rage boost for maybe 2.8 seconds or less

    • Nah that would be too similar to golden knight

  • we don't need more cards... we want balance.... can u morons do that ?!

    • They are all balanced 😂

    • Twenty two million view?!?! Omg they haven’t seen numbers like that since 2018! Could this be the rise of clash Royale????!?!

  • Champions: Rich kid barbarian, Witch’s husband, literally just archer queen

  • Damn 2 weeks and 22M views

  • 0:32 Me:Jaime fookin Lannister.

  • Good

  • larry just had the biggest glowup

  • Can we get normal chat back?

    • @Commando they take time to unlock. Need the new chest at lvl 14 to get a guaranteed champion

    • @Psychedelic Trip I'm th10 but I have queen and king and I didn't get the hero in the video

    • @Andor Hruskó gross. I want to not be censored anytime anymore

    • No

  • The new characters are nice but there is no difference even though the other characters are at level 14!!! What was the need for level 14? We worked so hard to make 13 levels and me and many of my friends like me are alienated from this game...I can quit at any moment.

    • that's what every lol player say

  • 22M

  • Why dose it say uploaded 13 days ago and not a week ago? Anyone else?

  • That kings face looks like he needs to be a actor

  • 0:15 ahh finally drake is officially a character in clash royale

  • what is the soundtrack to this

  • Clash royale , the end game . All new supercell games and brawl stars will kill it.

    • @Cassie it's 27 millions lmfao

    • Ill be here before 100 million views

  • Wow

  • what is the soundtrack to this

  • Twenty two million view?!?! Omg they haven’t seen numbers like that since 2018! Could this be the rise of clash Royale????!?!

    • @poko kuyo really

    • @Narender Reddy so much bot in the comment lmao,also i'm here purely on whim

    • Definitely not, considering the amount of likes this got. And one decent update in a whole year is kind of pathetic if you ask me. Especially considering this is something "huge" that they had been planning for seven months.

    • 🤣 Clash royale advertising this video . That's why it's 22 million

  • Good trailer btw

  • Maybe next champion can me barbarian king

    • Grand Warden, Monk, Countless, Shield Maiden, Royal champion , Barbarian King and The Battle Machine Could be the Upcoming Champion Cards Certainly .

    • Uh

  • Самая ботская игра

  • Multiple champions on the arena at once?! That’s illegal!

  • Lo bueno que no hay inclusión forzada

    • Skeleton king looks dope

  • Remember the time where the game had like 10 arena levels?

  • shrek+prince charming=golden knight

    • @Lanchelot Dinastiar tf

    • Damn, i lost control when see you pfp geezz 😂

  • larry just had the biggest glowup

    • Larry's buffed and hes coming for revenge after he has to do the dishes

  • جووووونچ کوبصین

  • علیرضا این کصشرارو نگاه میکنه

  • Why only archer queen haven’t change from coc to here

  • Bro, Guess Larry is Got some Power from Taking again King Crown in "Lost And Crowned" Clash Of Clans Short Movie

  • Ill be here before 100 million views

  • Wow qui es français

    • casse toi

    • Non, je suis allemand


    • Moi

  • what is the soundtrack to this

    • hey look boys is larry!

  • Well if she ever gets overpowered, they could just add walls…


  • ❤️👍

  • Skeleton king looks dope

  • Glad to see Archer queen again since COC (clash of clans)

  • Multiple champions on the arena at once?! That’s illegal!