I Opened $1500 Worth Of Scam Items

Опубліковано 24 лис 2021
Check out part 1 HERE:

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  • Check out Part 1 here where you made me buy all this stuff ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/rKJ336vLjtHVd7A.html and maybe you'll even see things that Wish didn't send over 👀

    • So I’m an American, and I am one of the few who has the pleasure of a bidet in my bathroom, it is a game changer! I refuse to wipe my ass.

    • ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/s4N719zLbpWRnsY.html🙏

    • Cayman is now open for tourists and job hunters! ukblow.info/chart/v-deo/iWR3ut3WlrKOorg.html

    • Super annoying

    • This video is part 2/1? hmmm I dont think that adds up XD


  • That poor adorable panda! 🥺

  • is that monkey suit a Jojo's reference perhaps??????

  • Congrats on putting my new kittens to sleep at 2 in the morning 😅 idk why but I'm only watching this because Nova and Aura wouldn't stop screaming.

  • are those products dope or nope ??

  • But the way he said kakyoin instead of polnareff is the funniest shit bro

  • 50K \o/

  • 16:19 Actually disappointed they did not get the Dugtrio one.

  • The model for the monkey outfit 100% looks like our boy hhhmmmm

  • Why does he look like he’s from assassins creed in close up of him in the hood

  • Damn that milf shirt S tier

  • Mr Bean looks like he just got released from a Egyptian prison

  • The spinning got me 😂

  • tried to use plain water to blow bubbles instead of, y'know, bubble solution expects things that come without batteries to work without batteries BIG BRAIN CANNUR

  • The snorlax bean bag broke me 😂

  • Just have your GioGio pen modified to look like the infamous defect pen.

  • Not knowing whats about to happen is my optimal viewing experience thats why I'm starting with pt. 2

  • Connor with the North Face x Supreme Puffer 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I love the sneakers, the shirt, and the monkey suit

  • ngl I wouldn't be suprised to see a japanese with this T-shirt running around ^^ already saw 2 girls with matching hoodies that said FUGLY on it in big letters on the front XD


  • That moment when Connor cosplay Ross wearing leather pants

  • You should make another cosplay video.

  • 8:18 Tobey Maguire's spider man ripping the venom suit off of him type energy

  • I want that gorilla with a funny red butt so bad

  • this makes me feel better for wasting hundreds on bootleg aliexpress transformers.

  • The funniest part is, he tries to blame chat for voting yes while most of the time it was connor himself convincing the chat to vote yes LUL.

  • I'm fairly certain I remember there only being a "no battery" option for the light-up, hanging testicles. Did you put a battery in and it still didn't work or did you just forget it shouldn't have one? 🤔 I only remember because I just watched the other video so am not surprised you forgot after several months of waiting lol

  • have you ever considered playing league? i think you might actually like it xD you seem like a person that would :3

  • I don't think that cursed pen exists anymore

  • 15:00 Ryan Renaldas as Snorlax in the new pokemon movie

  • Mudan be earning his pay this video 😆 fuckin god tier editing

  • Noooo tha panda

  • Connor got 10 years younger when he put on the milf hunter shirt. Amazing.

  • U picked the balls without batteries

  • wait a sec, it is giving birth to a SHICKEN? that sounded kind of sus

  • The editor deserves a big ol smooch

  • Fill the Snorlax with your costums XD

  • What happened to the big wooden monkey

  • Cdawg on cold ones?

  • I don't know why the *Little Red Riding Hood* being drapped over your head and face reminded me of *Assassin's Creed* for some reason lol 😂

  • Monke has my charmander statue! OMG

  • that nintendo psp actually looked fun af ngl

  • 3:20 Got me.


  • my man really tried to use shampoo for bubbles.....

  • Drip Connor

  • 6:53 red mage Connor!

  • I love how often Connor is disappointed and angry in this, when he already knows what he got himself into right from the start Gotta love the big man monke

  • i want ur platforms AAAAAAA

  • I love the Blackadder mask

  • epic

  • 3:20 “Cup-Chan moans and c**s on his floor” Connor: “F**k it went all over my carpet” Me:😂

  • I wouldn't call wish scam items. I mean ppl know what they are getting into when they buy from them.

  • Here in 'MERICA! One, sometimes, sees life size bull's balls hanging on the trailer hitch of massive pick up trucks.


  • news flash the cursed JOJO pen is a normal one that just got left outside for a few weeks.... you got like 20 of them start letting them wether away dummy....

  • 7:00 🐒 I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!

  • I stumbled upon your channel by chance, and I love your editing style . Consider me subbed.

  • I love this, it’s been awhile since I watched Conner

  • did I just witness Connor dipping a bubble gun into a glass of ice water and expect bubbles to come out if it??? talk about monké 🐒 🤣 those guns actually work amazing 👏

  • Part of me is proud, but part of me is disappointed, and I don't know why. I think it was the pants

  • Nice 💧

  • the editing on this video is just impeccable.

  • Connor’s dead eyes as he pulled the drip pose.

  • You and me baby ain't nothing but mamals ! So let's do it like they do on the discovery channel!

  • Where's the gamer girl shirt reveal? :(

  • Don't you have to use bubble solution in the bubble gun? what was it supposed to do with just water haha

  • The bubble gun works to you just need concentrated bubble solution. I have 2

  • Is that a ps vita color switch wtf

  • Conner should wear the Welish Dad shirt in the next podcast episode >.>

  • Monkey tissue box cover + faux leather pants + tacky shirt = dollar store figure skater costume

  • 3:20 😂

  • 15:54 when you fuse Buzzwole with another pokemon

  • 15:41 normally in these videos most of the stuff he buys looks terrible but this is something I would genuinely want

  • hahahaha lmaoooo connor has the supreme puffer

  • Fill the snorlax please!!!

  • 1:10 Sematary fans be like

  • Where did he get that steel ball run painting in the background?

  • Alternative title: Cannur joins the Bloodhound Gang

  • when you did the acended pokemon bit i died almost

  • Connor forgot that the bike nuts didn’t come with batteries

  • Every time you do stream on a Monday…you must wear the monkey suit and call it monkey Monday….

  • I swear a bought and put on the snorlax bean bag before but I am not complaining.

  • "part 2 of 1" ummm,,, ya you could say that

  • i hope you know the ramifications of having a monkey at your desk with a hole cut in its ass........ someone might think your too "into" it

  • Kakyoin 😭😭😭

  • looks fun to do this kind of stuff :D

  • Hold on, that shirt kinda fire

  • Bruh monke

  • The buff bulbasaur should be called Bulge-basaur