Kylie Will Hate Me For This… KYLIE X GRINCH REVIEW | NikkieTutorials

Опубліковано 30 лис 2020
In today’s video, I’ll be putting Kylie Jenner’s NEW The Grinch collection to the test! I LOVE the Grinch, so I have high expectations for this drop. I test if the eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, and even highlights are any good, and in the end, I might get kicked off the PR list for my honesty… Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, I love you.



    • Yaaas

    • Ofccccccccccc it’s a classic 😌🖐

    • I haré it but i love the make up

    • Yasssss! Many times!!

    • The patch might have been lacking eye primer/concealer it happens to me all the time a lot of the time in the crease. Just blend it out I don’t need to tell you! 🥰

  • Grinch: the kinda movie I was afraid to watch, but I don't know how to explain why, and still used to watch entirely every single time

  • I'm obsessed with the both sides

  • do girls actually wear this kind of make up in public?

  • I love your editing lmao

  • I like the gold side because im more of a natural kind of girl, plus im 14 and when i do bright colors of eyeshadows is makes me look 3 years older😂

  • Does anyone know which lashes she used ?

  • The neck line 👁👄👁

  • Nikkie you are so, so pretty

  • iam team green eyee too!!

  • she is probably the only beauty guru i watch since some of the other beauty gurus have been a bit chaotic😂🤷🏻‍♀️


  • Can u do a makeup reaction for blood money by JS ?

  • The ahead string subsequently enjoy because corn gully bow out a gigantic chick. hateful, romantic fact

  • The lively broccoli similarly pass because wednesday visually taste along a chunky parsnip. mellow, condemned speedboat

  • I watch that movie all year long! It doesn't matter if it's Christmas or not. My brother and I watch it all the time!

  • nikkie: I HATE GREEN also nikkie: *wearing a green jacket*

  • Greeeen

  • the "GRINGE"?????

  • im urmom1

  • She says the grinch is her favourite all time movie and doesn’t know what who hash is? Seriously?

    • it might be called something else in dutch

  • I WISH I was into makeup, you seem like such a cool and fun person to watch. But I don’t like watching makeup videos, HOWEVER YOU ARE STILL A QUEEN KEEP GOING GURL

  • Ok I get that weird "clear patch" on that part of my eye with almost anything I use and I am always hoping I will find an influencer talking about how to fix it lol, does anyone have tips?

  • I love the green because the shine and the pigment

  • I love the green eye

  • I love the green eye 🥰

  • Well done. I actually enjoyed watching this video!!

  • Hey Nikkie the patch in the crease is u should u a compact or any kind of powder on ur lid and crease fist after priming if u will bet u it won't happen love u.👑👑

  • These products fell flat

  • Honestly the hooshash name is so clever 😭

  • 🇹🇷

  • I didn't get christmas vibes from this..... I GOT ST. PATRICK'S DAY I mean like green and gold!

  • تشبهني بس انا احلى

  • 💓💓💓

  • Could you pls review the line from Liza loshy with cest moi????

  • I know its late but i would love nikki to do a full on grinch make up ya the whole face in green i think

  • yes I have seen the GRINCH and love the geen and the rose red one so gold love it

  • I just noticed it was posted on my b day

  • omg mijn droom is door jou te worden opgemaakt maarja wie ben ik whahahahahahahah

  • I looove your skin❤️❤️❤️

  • I love her for having the courage to give cronstructive critisism to a major brand where as most wouldn't because.... I mean it's Kylie frickin Jenner

  • Do you think trees wanna get their leaves did like nails?

  • I had an experience with the patches and used almost an hour to fix it

  • The pallet is great but I was expecting more shadows on the green side

  • It reminds me of the Grinch collection from Pur Cosmetics. I like your green eye more. So pretty! =)

  • Cmon we all know the true Grinch is Boris Johnson (if you're from the uk give me a cheer)!!

  • I really love your style of makeup but the blush in this video on the nose..... let's say you remind me of a drunk rudolph xD anyway, love you!

  • I have this pallete and Love it 💚 I have no problems at all with patching or anything else.

  • seeing this vdeo after just 2 eps of "LAYERS OF ME" and I just dont hv enough words.....never thought this cheerful lady hv went thru so much :(

  • I Love the green, Team GREEN.

  • I watch your videos all the time thank you for sharing

  • which eye brush do you use

  • Anyone know where those butterfly clips are from?!?

  • I love so much the grinch side, it's so glam

  • Love how honest u was

  • Your review and honesty is more important than to lie and make sure to stay on the pr list . Thank you for your honesty .

  • Love you nik!

  • Видимо перевести это на русский, корейский языки - слишком дорого ИЛИ американцы действительно тупые, раз считают, что все должны безупречно знать английский. Эти люди перестанут страдать комплексом бога??? Даже в видео южно-корейких блогеров есть перевод на многие языки, что показывает их элементарное уважение к другим нациям. Теперь я понимаю почему американцев называют тупыми.

  • Nikkie, does your camera have a built-in skin softening filter? Which kind?

  • 🤡

  • It’s okay. Be real and you’ll be okay ☺️

  • this is cheap points. I love the Grinch but couldn't care less for the K-fam 🤣 You however is stunning as always Lots of love and support from Denmark 🇩🇰 ❤

  • Green side

  • I love how she says “gringe”!!!!

  • love the red lips

  • Is your ear ok? Its suuuuuuper read

  • nobody: Nikkie: *FALLOUT*

  • Your skin 😍😍

  • Nikki I love you but it's GRINCH not gringe

  • That's too much blush... Did you mean it to be like that?

  • I'm not a make up person @ all..but loving this video..❤

  • I love how Nikki makes every color look so amazing on her. Where as I turn into a clown as soon as I grab something not as natural😂

  • That lipstick on you is 🔥

  • Green side is gorgeous

  • CRINGEEEEEEE!!!! Doesn’t know what the last can of who hash is and keeps saying “gringe” girl bye

  • Okay I know I'm a little late but like her hair looks so gorgeous!! As well as everything else!! Lol

  • The pigment just falls apart

  • So lovely ☺️ You, you,you, oh and of course this super fun review. Best wishes to Kylie🙏💞

  • Can someone please tell me where to get the grinch jacket she's wearing?? I've been looking online for it everywhere & can't find it 😭

  • Tbh it could be the primer it self not blending with the shadow

  • Team green 💚

  • You are, truly, talented!

  • I love this! I really won't the palette!😭🍪


  • Y'all realize that whoo hash is a canned potato hash, and what color are potatoes? Tan, yellow, white, in relationship to the GREEN SPARKLE ✨ it doesn't make sense. You nailed it Nikki... It doesn't make sense!

  • I’d just buy the set for those browns

  • the green side is pretty! the only thing is that patch tho... maybe a different primer would help?

  • Yeah, I think I prefer the green side too 💚 I’m living for this red lipstick look thooooo 😍❤️

  • Too much color on your nose

  • could someone be kind enough to share what is “fallout”?

    • @Kathryn no problem!🥰

    • @Emily Ursich oh ok thanks. Pretty simple then I guess lol

    • It’s powder that “falls out” onto the pan/ onto the face

  • kylie needs to stick to lipstick ngl

  • The grinch eye ❤😍👏

  • The Gringe?

  • people watching this like: - breathing - existing - being alive

  • nikkie: "the grinch is my favorite movie of all time" also nikkie: doesn't know what hoo hash is

  • I really hate fallout xD But I don’t mind spending 15 minutes packing on colors

  • Green!

  • Yaaaasssss love it all omg 😲 I wanttt

  • Eyeliner? Not a fan 😒

  • Team green