What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

Опубліковано 12 жов 2021
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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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    • @Thạnh Phạm mass . isnt it obvious . if you really studied properly u never asked . having mass is also type of energy. e = mc² . where e is energy and m is mass .

    • @T Electronix I want to see an animal which has all bodily functions suitable for survival in any kind of environment. Look at the tardigrade, it can survive anywhere... Even in vacume

    • Gravity of science stupid like cows pig Magnetic field use energy electricity . What energy does Gravity use ???

    • It's The Same Graphics As Doulingo

  • I don't believe in God, but after seeing this video, I can only hope beyond hope that there are/were some kind of supernatural being(s) who took enough interest in Terran life to preserve it.

  • What software is used for this story telling?

  • The truth is, this is all speculation but we're supposed to blindly agree with it because "science". The problem being "science" is in the eye of the beholder. Scientists see what they want to see and generally not what the reality is. Fifty years ago dinosaurs were lizards. Today they're birds. In a century who knows? Maybe some scientist will decide they look nicer covered in fur and "find" evidence supporting that.

  • Well now my perspective about dinosaurs have completely changed! Thanks kurzgesagt!

  • 1:37 *plays Vsauce music*

  • Since we still dont know more than 90% of all the species to have ever existed. It's crazy to think that creatures similar to dragons or unicorns could have existed and we will never know about them if they lived in areas that didn't facilitate fossilization.

  • "cruuuh" "boink apparatus" "sniffler"

  • I'm Sad Now

  • Too many assumptions in this video as "facts". Leave the "we will never know about them, it's forever lost" parts to the future advances in technology and science.

  • 5:02 lileep in left corner????


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  • Yes! 12,022 calendar is nearly here! Always my small way of supporting the channel! 🙏🏼

  • Kurzgesagt animators: *Colors the T-rex in violet or purple color* Me: B-Barney-

  • 5:02 lower left corner .. so at least one of your animators is a fan of Pokemon 3rd generation and we know wich fossil he/she picked (was is third? its been so long i can't remember)

  • A truly beautiful and mind-opening episode

  • If dinosaurs were alive today, we wouldn't care about them. Just like we don't care about our animals today.

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  • this video made me feel both sad and glad about dinosaurs.

  • This made me sad. I want to know the unknown unknown....

  • Kurzgesagt is a channel which SHOWS that We, the GenZ People still have wonders to Find and Millions of things to Defy-which present Elders regard true, but we might be able to remove the Façade and show the Truth behind All; not fast, but soon! Great Vids and I really WAIT to see these Great Illustrations, the Soothing Voice and the most-TONS OF KNOWLEDGE WHICH I CAN ASSURE, IS NOT PRESENT IN ANY BOOK😁✌!

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  • Science stupid like cows pig Science poisoning the world is the Earth rotates inertia, children also know that inertia doesn't maket the wheel to spin forever. It is this enormous electrical energy that drives the Earth rotates Explain Properties of positive charge positrons + and properties of negative charge electrons -- is rotates very fast, after 4, 6 billions of years creating the Earth ' s core, so the core of the Earth rotates very fast like a super big electric turbine that generates super huge electrical energy, it is this enormous electrical energy that drives the Earth rotates, if volcano erup ts on the seabed will create a terrible tsunami. South pole the Earth launch out space 146 000 tons of electricity per second. Every second the Earth ' s core pushes into the moon ' s core 1200 tons of electricity. North pole the Earth suck in 146 000 tons of electricity Every second The Earth is launch out space flying in circles returning to its original position after 10 second, so pushes the moon rotates around the Earth in order

  • 1 - map all the particles present in the universe right now 2 - based on their current state, calculate where they were a moment ago 3 - extend the simulation far enough into the past and you have and accurate mirror of the whole history of things. jokes aside, wish that was possible :(

  • Was about to buy 2 calendars but the total came to 80 bucks wtf. I like the channel but I guarantee I worked harder for that 80 bucks than you guys did

    • It is okay to be too poor to get one, but what does shaming the creator accomplish?

  • Can u do one about the oxygen levels doubling

  • I think we think they have less complicated behaviour becaue they were reptiles. Show me a reptile who dances for mates.

  • I can't imagine how fun it must have been to draw a dinosaur dancing.

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  • My daughter learned english and science just by watching your videos

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  • I spy with my little eyes… LILEEP!

  • The "solutions" they offer are reformist in nature. They serve to perpetuate settler society.

  • Was going to get a calendar as it looks great and would love to give it to my son but a little too expensive with postage for me. Thanks for your great videos hopefully will be able to get something from you guys soon, but postage to Australia makes it hard.

  • Moral of the story: Chicken ruled the earth.

  • In an age of increasing conspiracy theories (which still remain just theories…) channels like Kurzgesagt’s are valuable because they provide information and proper conclusions.

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  • Fun Fact : Dinosaurs means *"Frightening Giant Lizard"* Bonus Fun Fact : If you type anything that starts with the word "fun fact", they'll read your comment fully

  • I've been told since I was young that T-rex has tiny brain. But now I know, it's still bigger than others.

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  • isn't it that the process is elements that are perpetuated through tasks giving history as it happens a presumable law of our human nature? x

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  • The past is a vast

  • I’m ready for my usual existential exploration with beautiful animations Edit: your animations are getting ever better and more beautiful and fluid with every video but I really gotta hand it to your music production team/person as well! I have a playlist somewhere of JUST the music on your videos

  • I have a habit of downvoting every ad I see but after a few downvotes the voting option disappears for a few videos lmao anyone else notice this?

  • Yeah Dinosaurs actually more like a bird have furs and feathers, not bald like a reptile 👍

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  • 4 billion species and probably 90% of it is microscopic life or a species with only a small variation from the ones we already documented...

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  • Since dinosaurs are apparently related to birds, I always wondered if we had it all wrong and that maybe dinosaurs actually looked like and walked like pigeons....

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  • No such thing as dinosaurs. They never existed.

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