World's Smallest TV | OT 30

Опубліковано 11 жов 2021
TOUR EDITION! A super tiny TV, a hilarious Wheel Unfortunate, a messy Games With Consequences & a sneak peak of our tour! Thanks to Nickelodeon All Star Brawl for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to get the game!

Be on the lookout for the Nerf Legends game launching November 9th!!!

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Comment: What new consequence should we add to the wheel?!

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  • NEXT UP! 🛶 Build a Raft Battle 🪃 Boomerang Trick Shots 2 🧊 Bucket List: Alaska

  • here in the Philippines we call that face shield, which is like an ID

  • I wonder what the Braves game will look like on that thing

  • MalayalaM :)

  • Big fan

  • New video stereotypes rage monster Garret


  • im still waiting for ping pong trick shots 6

  • I love the guy holding the wheel hahahaha

  • Wow you guys aresoooo amazing my friend showed this channel to me and I love it

  • Is that pnc arena lol I built all that I’m a local crew stagehand

  • wheel unfortunate. before the second spin. HANDS WHOS HANDS ARE THEY. WHY ARE THEY THERE

  • I want to the tour, it was awesome! I even got a pic with Cory!

  • Ned: Mom always said to take chances and make mistakes Me: Is your Mom Ms. Frizzle?

  • I’m a big fan love your videos keep it up

  • The hand drone is super cool. I would not eat the cricket with the ketchup popsicle.

  • I feel sorry for poor Cory

  • How many times has Cory been on wheel it’s over 20 isn’t it

  • Nice

  • Cory yroC

  • Hey has anyone ever noticed that Tyler looks just like Ryan O'Reilly

  • i went to get tickets for tacoma but is the same day i have to go to disney on ice which sucks

  • dp isn’t a palindrome; it’s an ambigram

  • I dont like that the videos they post aren't doing as well

  • So basically your being sponsored by a smash bros knock off. Lol

  • Ok I love u guys but every time I watch a video you can see garrot just doesn’t want to be there

  • dP isn’t a palindrome, it’s the same upside-down and upside-up, not forwards and backwards. Tyler Nathan Tony (aka TT) was in fact wrong

  • When will ty ever use his bubble gum septor?

  • Can I get a shout out please and thanks 😊 I will really appreciate it

  • one of the worst wheel unfortunates yet...

  • "Congratulations to everyone who was early and who found this comment"

  • hands behind the spin wheel 👀

  • just won games with consequences,got unfortunate again with the wheel of unfortunate,and battle rod backfires here's a air hug

  • Plz come to Cape Town South Africa

  • Y’all have the best vids

  • Nice

  • Smash bros but nick characters

  • remember when this series first premiered. i miss my days.


  • I greet you from Azerbaijan

  • Hello you have a perfect family

  • Does anyone see the feet behind the wheel

  • I love the OT series, DP should make a Forth of July stereotypes!

  • Do they just bring the desk wherever they go or what?

  • great live show!! i was there i enjoyed the toilet cleaner in cool not cool! lol

  • I felt bad for Alex and Abram at the tour on wheel unfortunate

  • Im sure that Cory didnt eat the cricket for real

  • Was I the only person who saw the guy under the wheel

  • Sus

  • I’m so excited for the tour!

    • I went to your tour it was cool

  • I got a 75itch TV

  • Where’s all sports golf 5

  • Halloween stereotypes was 1 year ago 😯

  • OT before Covid 😳

  • *May Allah protect them*

  • A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.

  • Wheel unfortunate edit: When your name is pulled you don’t go back in the hat the next time. This continues till there are two names left. The last remaining name is the winner and all names go back in. Watching the same people do it gets old.

  • I love you guys I watched you since nerf gun Im korean i love you

  • you filmed on my b day

  • Dude perfect can u do a hunted house for get crafte and stereotypes

  • There’s somebody behind the wheel

  • Congratulations to everyone who comes in every single seconds....

  • Im the only one who loves how childish the dudes act when they are on set im in love with them and the ot show

  • Can't believe i made it to one of these shows! it was so fun!!

  • I’m starting to think that they only have Cory’s name in the hat and no one else’s since he is chosen soooooooooo much.

  • Best UKblow channel ever

  • I went to your tour it was cool

  • when you get bacck to hq you gotta do absurd recerds

  • The OT series can be literally an actual TV series, and it would the only TV series I watch


  • Aibohphobia is the fear of palindromes, which is a palindrome itself!

  • I was at the Ohio tour

  • my friend was at that tour

  • e

  • Hablar quiero que hablan en español

  • That's crazy really nice

  • I didn’t know Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was a game and it shouldn’t be. It’s literally Super Smash Bros with worse characters

  • Should make a shirt saying "I'm Coby"/ " I'm Cory"

  • While "DP" is technically a palindrome, their logo is an ambigram, because it makes sense even when its upside down

  • Hey Dude Perfect! My brother (Felix Huber; 15 years old) is turning 16 on October 21. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES your videos and watches them ALL the time!! I was really hoping that in your next video you can give a shoutout or like say happy birthday to him! He would be sooo happy if you did that! Thank you so much! 😃😃😃🤩🤩🤩💖💖💖😊☺️😊☺️ You're videos are SO AWESOME!!! I love them too!!

  • I loved the tour!

  • Hi, from Ukraine

  • 10:27

  • I have a 70 inch tv

  • do a libary sterotypes

  • just went to your tour in louisville, 100000/10 awesome:):)

  • Wheel unfortunate 🤣🤣very funny

  • Yo whats up dudeperfct at the yum center in KY just wanted to let you know I LOVED IT!!!! Cant wait for the summer!!!😊😊👍

  • Y’all killed it at the Kentucky show! It was amazing and the best part was the speech at the end. it was really amazing and I’m glad it was included something like that in your show

  • when will yall make a trickshot vid

  • U went to the Louisville tour and I loved it I would do it all the time if I could I love you guys I bought some merch and keep up the work also my mom cried at Ty's speech at the enf

  • Hahah

  • Bucket list Alaska

  • I just got done with the Kentucky tour it was an amazing speach from TT I just wanted to ask him did Phoenix survive or did he end up going to the lord

  • If your an og, Remember super bowl stereotypes horrible host when coby presented the tiny tv in cool not cool 😅

  • excelente!!! amei ❤

  • Hey dude perfect I’m sorry I missed your thing I just really wanted to go

  • Me realizing that we can’t have “Will he do it” anymore 😢

  • Nick all star brawl,I love playing it

  • Tacocat backwards is tacocat