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Hi my name is Bailey Sarian and I am here to talk about True Crime & Makeup. YES its an odd combination, but I couldn't just pick ONE topic to focus on, why not mix them both together?

F i N D M Y S O C i A L S H E R E :


59:00Ep #13: Edith Wilson: The USA’s First Female President | Dark History Podcast
49:45Ep #12: MKUltra: Mind Control, Drugs and Robocats  | Dark History Podcast
Ep #12: MKUltra: Mind Control, Drugs and Robocats | Dark History PodcastПереглядів 1,3 млн21 день тому
51:05Ep #8: The Trail of Tears: Not one, but many | Dark History Podcast
Ep #8: The Trail of Tears: Not one, but many | Dark History PodcastПереглядів 1,6 млнМісяць тому
0:55Further proving I am a dumbass
Further proving I am a dumbassПереглядів 862 тис.Місяць тому
51:39Ep #7: Crack vs. Cocaine: Welcome to Incarceration Nation| Dark History Podcast
Ep #7: Crack vs. Cocaine: Welcome to Incarceration Nation| Dark History PodcastПереглядів 1,7 млн2 місяці тому
45:22Ep #6: Mind Games - The Dark History of Lobotomy | Dark History Podcast
Ep #6: Mind Games - The Dark History of Lobotomy | Dark History PodcastПереглядів 1,7 млн2 місяці тому
55:32Ep #4: Andrew Jackson was the literal devil | Dark History Podcast
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47:00Ep #3: The Rosewood Massacre | Dark History Podcast
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43:56Ep #1 : The DuPont Chemical Poisoning I Dark History Podcast
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1:04Dark History Podcast: Trailer
Dark History Podcast: TrailerПереглядів 1,3 млн4 місяці тому
49:26Brainwashed? A Deal Gone Wrong? Manson Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian
Brainwashed? A Deal Gone Wrong? Manson Mystery & Makeup | Bailey SarianПереглядів 7 млн5 місяців тому
38:14The Freeway Phantom - 6 Go Missing In Broad Daylight | Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian


  • I was only listening to this then I looked at the screen and was totally freaked out cause that Steven guy look just like my ex

  • For the record, it’s not Macedonia it’s Skopje. Macedonia is, has and always will be GREEK (HELLAS) 🇬🇷! Thanks

  • I like the old scary disclaimer !

  • We can't have nice things. Much better than E pluribus Unum. Which means "one from many". There are many massacres I've never heard of, because history is written by the winners.

  • Would love to hear your thoughts on gabby petito case happening right now!

  • Yeah I wish she was my social studies teacher, I would’ve definitely passed

  • So cute

  • Nice background

  • U look so so cute as bee omdg

  • Hey Bailey, could you try checking out the Burari Family deaths? It's an interesting case.

  • Didn't robert think that was weird that they were asking him all these questions? LOL I'd be like why th you wanna know and call the cops

  • 'Amma Bee ☻' - Bailey

  • America shouldnt have the options on life insurance on kids

  • They shouldn't be able to call themselves The City of Brotherly Love

  • I'm in LA at the moment... Watching Bailey. And wearing awesome makeup.PERFECT. Thanks Guuurl !!

  • And they parents should have let her give Kaylee up for adoption like she wanted to in the first place!

  • So here's my theory : the mom who went missing was a divorcee... and they kept receiving nasty calls from a creep. What if, the "prank caller" had something to do with the case? Like he what if he potentially was someone the mom was having an affair with or what if he was a guy the husband had sent to stalk his ex wife...? I can't remember if the ex husband was interrogated

  • Colleen Ritzer?

  • Bailey: "I'm always shocked when I hear of another 'Bailey' that isn't a dog." Me: "How do you think I feel, my name is 'Karma'! 😂🥺"

  • Love everyone of your videos!!! You should into Eddie Lee Sexton!! Would be awesome to here you tell that story!!

  • My Gpa always talked about his super strong Gma, who birthed a baby on the trail, and had to keep going. She was always been an inspiration. Thank you for doing this story. ❤️

  • Love how you did your eye makeup 🦋🌼 (Australia)

  • I’m here to find out what’s up with the pile of glass?? Boutta hop on google if nobody in the comments knows 👀

  • What was the point of that (going to nowhere in space, Tokyo drifting a u-ee and returning) you asked? Just for funzies!!!

  • It’s always the ones from Alabama💁🏼‍♀️

  • You should do a piece on lia tricoma

  • Do her nails say F*ck?

  • I would love if Bailey did a video about the Lalaurie Mansion! I always hear about the story and I'd love your take on it. ❤❤

  • Please please do a video on Scientology!!!

  • can you please do a video on the black eyed children ?

  • I know this story well. It took place where I lived. My friend went to school with Heather and Rod.

  • Ok, so I'm watching you right now, [Bailey] and the same story is on The ID channel on TV. So freaking weird. .

  • I read this book years ago very tragic. I'm new to your channel and love it.any makeup tips for women over 50? Ty so much

  • I used to play vampire the masquerade, read the book series too

  • mans looks like Frank Gallagher

  • have you heard the newest rumor about the Springfield3 regarding the cannibals in windyville MO that just happened in september? ITs crazy it could be connected, but they aren't releasing tons of details yet!

  • Oh nay, nay ...

  • Has she been invited to the cookout yet😏

  • The way she sang the song 😂😂🤣🤣

  • The two women were kidnapped like in Taken

  • This tragedy is so terrible

  • i have 7 cats . what can i say i’m a cat lady at 19 🤰

  • I was at one of these places in 2010. I was 15. After I got out, I ran away from home in 2011 and came to Los Angeles from the state of Texas. I had nothing but time to think about the person and woman I wanted to be. I was able to start my transition and hormones and now I'm a 26 year old trans woman. No Matter what I refused to let my family and these people break me. I couldn't change. I was meant to be a woman and I had to fight to be the woman I am today

  • Effing weirdos, hope they all d word. With a capital D. Especially for what they did to those poor animals and people.

  • I went to Salem today and I went to the witches graves I kinda find it weird that they hanged all them on the same day

  • To take so many of someone's children on mother's day is one more spit in the face.

  • not me getting properly scared-

  • This was great! My first time watching one of these & I really appreciate how you memorised all that. The title got me cuz I love vampire novels & films - poppy z brite, Anne rice, bram stoker ect so your channel is a new one for me 🖤

  • This is why I never learned to play. It's so wild

  • I hate unsolved mystery it's frustrating 😑

  • My husband and his homicide team from SBSD are the ones who worked this case. My husband and his team were gone for many sleepless days/nights working in the hot desert. They found Erin in the mine after weeks of searching for her body. My husband and his team also extradited Christopher Lee back to the US. I attended his sentencing. Horrible! RIP Erin Corwin.

  • I'm glad ur safe girl and u almost reacted scream 3 🤣🤣

  • “No ifs, ands, or butts….😏”

  • Jeez mannn, I have the same exact questions as you, WHY?!?

  • I truly believe he is innocent

  • Lol I thought the custome was a cat it’s super cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • I started cackling when you starting singing Ludacris’ song & snappin 🤣 love it

  • 2021

  • Get better idols.

  • Love in Action was Grindr on the low

  • Makes me think about Waco. So F-ed up. When the government has a problem with people, especially people who just want to be left alone, they always seem to go so very beyond overkill that its ridiculous. This is horrible. 😞

  • I am a retired ambulance paramedic. That Ludicrous song is secretly every medics dream for ‘best sound to replace the siren with.’

  • As soon as I heard murray I dropped my drink 🍸 hello paranoia

  • What setting powder is this?

  • When the govt Fs up its ALWAYS hidden 😡

  • Religion has been used to control society since the beginning Emperors Priests & Kings would use religion as reasons to start wars, control their people & to keep power over generations! Just like the bible is was written for control and has been changed many many many times!

  • I Love you! And you said Martha! Lol

  • I googled his name out of curiosity and google has him listed as "orator'! Also, it says he r*ped her corpse mutiple times as he was also ... Yikes to the Nth degree!

  • Ma and D

  • since she didnt do the theme song ill do it for her.....shanastaaa shnastaaa sha sha shanaa... *zoom in* staaaaaaaa

  • Sending love to y'all all the way from Swaziland (eswatini) love you bailey ❤️❤️❤️

  • I learned about this in junior year history, I cried and the class had a moment of silence for those poor girls

  • I thought u were supposed to b a cat……the ears were my giveaway but I love it!! And do Jon bonet and pop smoke next!

  • “Whites dumping tea into a harbor”?? Really Bailey? You’re saying that society approved of this revolutionary act (the Tea Party) solely because the settlers were white and not because they were fighting against English tyrannical rule (taxation without representation)?? Sadly, you’ve gone full leftist “woke” and are now spewing leftist talking points under the guise of “history”. I’ll take a hard pass on this race baiting BS.

  • Strokes are rough, they can range from mild to debilitating. I had one in September.

  • Skidmore has some weird things happening. Missouri in general!

  • Oh, Heather also drew Rod a map of the layout of her house.

  • Baileyyyyyyy