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If you like extreme lasers and incredibly high voltages in a convenient short video format, this is the channel for you! This is where I'll be posting my short clips and smaller projects that never made it into a full video on my main channel.


0:15LED dunked in liquid nitrogen changes color!
LED dunked in liquid nitrogen changes color!Переглядів 45 тис.День тому
0:13"deez nuts" played on ionized particles
"deez nuts" played on ionized particlesПереглядів 130 тис.8 годин тому
0:23have you ever seen a yellow laser?
have you ever seen a yellow laser?Переглядів 1,1 млнДень тому
0:28look at my cool luna moth
look at my cool luna mothПереглядів 223 тис.День тому
0:59nearly struck in a legendary lightning storm
nearly struck in a legendary lightning stormПереглядів 120 тис.7 днів тому
0:26high energy helical xenon lamp
high energy helical xenon lampПереглядів 351 тис.7 днів тому
0:31magic super absorbent polymer
magic super absorbent polymerПереглядів 1,8 млн7 днів тому
0:23100,000 volt fire extinguisher
100,000 volt fire extinguisherПереглядів 657 тис.7 днів тому
0:37when insulators become conductors
when insulators become conductorsПереглядів 1,9 млн14 днів тому
0:33peanut butter glows in the dark!?
peanut butter glows in the dark!?Переглядів 963 тис.14 днів тому
0:24what happens when you put 1000 amps through a galvanized nail?
what happens when you put 1000 amps through a galvanized nail?Переглядів 1,2 млн14 днів тому
0:25ferrofluid and electromagnets
ferrofluid and electromagnetsПереглядів 288 тис.14 днів тому
0:25car parts can be used to make this??
car parts can be used to make this??Переглядів 2 млн14 днів тому
0:25have you ever seen a cyan laser?
have you ever seen a cyan laser?Переглядів 2,1 млн21 день тому
0:22huge double refractive crystal #shorts
huge double refractive crystal #shortsПереглядів 808 тис.21 день тому
0:32this lamp makes you colorblind
this lamp makes you colorblindПереглядів 1,9 млн21 день тому
0:23what does a million volts look like?
what does a million volts look like?Переглядів 877 тис.21 день тому
0:39Is it the volts or amps that kill?
Is it the volts or amps that kill?Переглядів 976 тис.21 день тому
0:15which laser is the strongest? #shorts
which laser is the strongest? #shortsПереглядів 1,8 млн21 день тому


  • Good. Now do it to Gavin's nail.

  • Scary

  • Their reactions were top tier lmao

  • So the invisible one is agood murder weapon?

  • My brain : Yet invisible yet so strong that able to burn thing

  • That's a rare alchemy ingredient right there.

  • Wtf shawn mendes

  • Pretty cool right?

  • that’s just how filters work

  • Swallowtail butterfly?

  • How is he not dead yet

  • Put enough batteries in something and it will pop a balloon.

  • Moths are cool but that black cat thoo

  • That was legitless i need to hear that on ionized particles Or i like turtles zombie kid

  • Where do you get these

  • I saw a lina moth when i was leaving middle school, my dad stopped me because there was one about 2 feet away, AND IT WAS THAT BIG

  • Thats not colour blind but its close enough i guess

  • Thor has reborn

  • You look like a discount Vince Offer

  • "Have you ever seen a yellow laser before?" Sinestro "hi"

  • I’m sure some Star Wars kid knows the lord behind this

  • Look at all those lazarbeams

  • If I was a CEO for some generic company I would light my office with just that light and have no windows then I would hire a new intern and ask them to bring me the red pens from my desk and just let them panic

  • I love your short bro

  • I like the pink one pretty cool

  • The electricity company is gonna make some money off this guy 😅

  • Can't wait for a real life starwars saga

  • eat it.

  • Honestly, you're pretty cool, right?

  • The SPCU is expanding

  • Bruh i must have this lamp all the time then because im colorblind all the time.

  • He is the lightning mastery

  • Wow

  • I thought this was guitar hero

  • Wow

  • Everybody's gangsta until LED becomes a superconductor inside liquid N2 and starts to emit cosmic rays.

  • I have

  • Ever wonder why your eyes is so fucking big like a fucking bird

  • That gave me a slight heart attack-

  • So that's what flash looks like when running...

  • Yow you put in the pink 1 so pink

  • I bet the electric company thinks he's using a lot of lighting for a weed farm

  • There's a first for everything, I guess

  • That image at the end of the ruby laser was him taking a photo of his other dimensional self

  • "that awesome *green* color" its not green

  • No mouth= nature saying GFYS

  • At the risk of sounding like a colorblind idiot... What's the change?

  • You're dangerously fucking smart

  • Could've added a flash warning but okay-

  • The cringe

  • now i want to put an OLED screen in liquid nitrogen and see what all the colors end up like

    • that is a really good idea, but i only have monochromatic ones and second liquid nitrogen is expensive ;-;

  • Nice

  • I thought he said violent laser pointer when he actually said violet.

  • xD

  • Cool

  • PRETTY. COOL. RIGHT?! 😡😡😡😡

  • Why is he standing directly in it??

  • Now do the same thing with a block of magnesium, from a fire starting (fire steel) kit!

  • My guy clearly has never seen snow before.

  • Imagine this guy's energy bill

  • I’m color blind and I can’t explain how it looks

  • Now I'm wondering what happens when you coat human lungs with vaporized molten zinc...?

    • (Note: I'm not *really* wondering, I know what happens)

  • That was so much electricity I could feel that through my phone.

  • Nice

  • "Pretty cool right"


  • I have watched two videos so far. His first and his *last*

  • hahaha

  • Depends what you mean by strongest. Shortest wavelength? Highest energy output? Speed? (They all go the speed of light though)

  • [The landlord will remember that.]

  • Me when I’ve held my pee in for a long time

  • Aliens should be proud of us

  • Walk into it

  • Wonder what would happen if you were to play music like you can do with that tesla coil thing into that thing

  • How the hell is your skin so smooth

  • Honestly Lasers are just a literally light sabers without the saber

  • Pink

  • "ever wonder "?!? not with your face